Our Approach

Credius provides financial advice to both individuals and businesses for a fee.

Our initial meeting is at our expense, during which we provide in writing a full explanation of costs for the work to be undertaken, should you engage us.

The relationship that we build together is underpinned by our commitment to ensure your long-term financial goals are achieved.

We believe it is important to have a disciplined approach towards developing a successful financial planning strategy and follow this process:

  1. Initial meeting and review – We undertake a comprehensive financial review of your (or your business) circumstances and financial objectives taking account of any existing arrangements.
  2. Needs and goal setting – We will analyse your needs and goals in great depth to ensure that your financial lifestyle and, if applicable, business plan is designed to meet these.
  3. Analysis and research – We will undertake thorough independent analysis and research to tailor an individual solution to your needs and goals.
  4. Presenting a financial plan and recommendations – We will present you with a comprehensive financial report to be discussed and refined as required.
  5. Implementation – We will discuss the appropriate ongoing plan with you designed to ensure the successful delivery of goals.
  6. Forward planned regular reviews – We will diarise reviews in advance (normally annually) to ensure the financial planning we have put in place is refined and keeps pace with any change in circumstances.

This process has to be underpinned by a joint commitment from both Credius and our clients in order to ensure the successful completion of their financial goals.

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