• Why do I need Death in Service insurance?
  • How do Death in Service policies pay out?
  • Is Death in Service insurance an alternative to life insurance?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What are the benefits of providing this for my employees?

Death in Service insurance provides you or, if you’re a company owner – your employee’s family, a lump sum, tax-free payment in the event of their death. With more and more companies offering this benefit to their staff every year, it’s become a staple of the modern-day employee benefits package. Our specialist adviser can help you make sense of the Death in Service insurance marketplace and make sure you find the most suitable policy at the right price for your organisation.

As a company owner or director, providing Death in Service insurance for your employees has big advantages – from a simple morale boost and peace of mind, to increased staff retention resulting in lower yearly recruitment costs. But we understand that Death in Service insurance might still seem like a costly road to go down, particularly if you’re basing your calculations on the individual policy prices you find on the web. That’s why it’s so important to book an appointment with one of our insurance experts. We have access to a much wider insurance market including unique offers and many policies you won’t find on insurance comparison websites.

If you’re considering a Death in Service insurance policy for your employees, there are many things you’ll need to consider. Should everyone have the same cover or should company directors have a premium policy in place? Should the policy be dovetailed with a life insurance policy and should it be connected to your pension? Our team is ready to answer all these questions and more so let us take the hassle of arranging your Death in Service group policy out of your hands. Call Credius today on 020 7562 5858 or email us at insurance@credius.com.

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