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Communicating the change to your workforce is a vital part (and a legal requirement) of the Auto Enrolment plan and should not be taken lightly. The more communication you have, the more likely you are to uncover any unforeseen problems early on in the process and the less likely you are to receive kick back from staff members.

A good idea is to begin communication early on in the process and on an incremental basis, starting with a high-level ‘heads up’ message and as time goes on, educating your employees so that they understand what the effects are to them and what category of employment they fit into with regards to Auto Enrolment.

So what do you need to communicate?

Well for Eligible jobholders, they need to know that they will be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme. They will need to know what automatic enrolment means for them. For example, a small amount of money will now be diverted from their salary into a pension pot. When this will happen and how it will work.
They’ll need to be advised that they can opt-out (and if they choose, in certain circumstances opt back in).

If their pension savings are in a contract-based DC scheme or personal pension, they’ll need to know the terms and conditions of the arrangement and where they can find out more information about pensions and retirement saving.

Non-eligible jobholders and entitled workers will receive the same information as eligible jobholders except they’ll need to know that they have the right to ask to join instead of being automatically enrolled.

And lastly, if you have employees who are already members of an existing pension scheme, you’ll need to confirm to them that their current pension scheme meets the criteria for automatic enrolment and you’ll need to give them details of their pension scheme again, even if it has been supplied to them in the past.
Your employees will need to have access to all of this information before they are enrolled to ensure they can make an informed decision about staying in the pension scheme or opting out.

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