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Back “in the day” applying for a mortgage used to be a simple case of bringing in 3 months of payslips, a proof of residence and proof of ID – job done. Those that were self-employed could simply fill in a form stating how much they earned and everything would be fine.

Now however, the rules have changed so take a look at our checklist below to make sure you’re prepared for when you take that step.

Proof of your identity:

This will need to be a valid passport or driving licence.

Proof of your current address:

Such as a household bill in your name no less than 3 months old

Proof of your income:

Your latest P60 and at least 3 recent salary slips (this will depend on the lender)

Prove of affordability:

Evidence of how you manage your money. This will include at least 6 months of statements (it totally depends on the lender) from your current account and details from any loan / credit accounts.

Additional Income:

If you have documents to prove any other income you wish to be considered in your application such as Child Benefit, Maintenance Payments, Disability Allowance, Pension – you’ll need to show these with your application too.

Special Circumstances:

If you fit into one of the following criteria it is highly likely you will need additional documentation:

– Self-employed
– Directors with 25% equity
– Sole Traders
– Partnerships
– Contractors
– Directors of limited companies

The additional documentation will include at least 1 year of trading accounts, signed off by your business partners and your accountant and a corresponding tax statement from HMRC.

Although all lenders will ask for documentation to enable you to apply for a mortgage, they will all have different attitudes to risk and different lending criteria. Credius has access to a wide range of lenders which can accommodate the majority of personal situations so for more advice and the potential to save £££’s on your mortgage.

For more information on any of the topics discussed visit or to find out how Credius could help you, contact us directly by emailing or call today on 0207 562 5858.

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