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Where to invest your moneybDonbt put all your eggs in one basketb is an expression we are all familiar with Ibm sure. In todaysb world of high-risk investment strategies, this expression rings very true.

The options available can appear bewildering and investing your money wisely is becoming harder and harder to do. Here we give a little thought to some of the options available when looking to invest your money.


Basic Considerations

However, there are some important considerations to digest before deciding on how to invest our hard-earned cash.

1. Decide how much money you can realistically put away without stretching your finances too much.
2. Whichever investment route you choose, they all contain an element of risk. Accept this then decide on what level of risk you are prepared to take.
3. Seek help from a reliable financial adviser to help you construct a balanced and achievable investment plan.
4. Decide upon your ultimate financial goal so that your saving strategy can aim towards achieving this.

Bearing all of this in mind, have a look at the main options. Here are some good ways to invest your money when coupled with sound financial advice.


Buying and selling property is still a good option, although a big responsibility. But try not to think of it as a get-rich-quick option, as with any investment. The buy-to-let market has had its recent problems and doesnbt guarantee an income, but in the long run it can give you some regular income and will provide you with a concrete asset to sell. Consider the responsibilities inherent in taking on a second property carefully and seek professional advice.

Financial products

There is a plethora of financial investment/savings products on the market, such as: savings accounts, stocks & shares, bonds and gilts, ISAs, investment trusts, etc. All of these offer varying levels of return and any good financial adviser will let you know about the current performance of these products, and which would best suit your preferred level of risk.


This can be a great way to try and make some money! Investing in collectables is becoming ever more enticing as an investment option for the more precocious investor. With the first Superman comic hitting the headlines recently with its record-breaking sale figure of over $2 million, the appeal is understandable. But whether you want to collect old dolls, comics, Tonka toys or pill pots, get to know your market well before you start buying up the local car boot sales. Also, if one dealer tries to sell you what he says is a book/comic/toy that he says is valuable and will appreciate extraordinarily as the years pass; do get a second, third and fourth opinion. Above all enjoy what you buy. If it makes money, itbs a bonus.

Become a business bDragonb

Watching the popular bDragonsb Denb series on TV, you would be excused for thinking that this particular form of investment is restricted to the mega-rich entrepreneur who has been there before and now has money to throw at speculative businesses. But for many of us, investing in a new, or old business, can pay dividends. But it can also be a highly risky venture. Do your homework thoroughly and find out as much as you can about the venture, before considering this avenue. Avoid friends with supposed bget-rich-quickb schemes and if youbre considering investing in someonebs business, the very least you should expect are business plans that give details of present and future strategies, including profit & loss accounts, business forecasts and financial projections.

There are no guaranteed and secure investments; any vehicle you choose to use carries an element of risk. So be prudent, think hard about how much you are prepared to invest, and are prepared to lose, and speak to a qualified adviser ….but above all, enjoy your investments and try to have fun making money!!

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