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So far in our series of blog posts on insurance and protection we’ve learnt:

1. There are lots of different insurance products
2. Choosing the right cover for your particular needs is vital
3. There is no single policy that covers all eventualities

So what do you do if you do want to be completely covered? Can you simply go to a price comparison site, choose the cheapest option for each type of insurance and then sit back and relax until your next renewal? Sadly it’s not that easy. Here’s some things to think about…

How will you know which insurance types you need?
How will you know which level of cover to purchase?
How will you know if the various policies overlap and are not cost effective?
How will you know your choices haven’t left you with a gaping hole in your cover?

The real benefit of an Independent Financial Adviser is not just that they can give you advice, or that they have access to a wide range of products, but that they can help you fully understand your financial situation and the risks associated with it.

With years of experience and the technology at their hands to calculate your unique needs, an Independent Financial Adviser can create a personalised insurance portfolio balancing your cover across a range of circumstances in the most cost effective manner and best of all, there’s just one monthly payment (regardless of how many products are needed).

By choosing an Independent Financial Adviser, you’ll have a single point of contact and can arrange regular reviews to ensure your portfolio is always delivering the best protection for your circumstances at the time.

Combine these benefits with an Independent Financial Adviser’s knowledge across pensions, investments, tax planning and borrowing AND their access to a diverse range of financial products and you are in the best possible hands.

As an independent insurance broker, Credius provides honest, straight talking advice across a wide range of insurance products so why not contact us today on 020 7562 5858 or email us at to arrange a no obligation appointment with one of our expert advisers.

For more information about how Credius can help with finalising your insurance needs you can download our ‘Guide to Our Services’ booklet for free.

Next time – How to make your insurance tax efficient

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