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quantum-advisers-queen_elizabeth_iiIn this year of the Diamond Jubilee we take a look back over the life, so far, of our Queen.

We have listed important dates and events in her life, along with a couple of earlier, but relevant, entries! See how many dates you remember!!

17 July: The House of Windsor (previously the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) is created by Royal Proclamation

18 January: Prince Albert, the Duke of York, announces his engagement to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, daughter of the Earl of Strathmore

26 April: Prince Albert and Lady Elizabeth are married in Westminster Abbey, the first senior royal to do so since 1382

21 April: Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor is born at 2.40 a.m. at her parentbs home in 17 Bruton Street

29 May: The young princess is christened. She cries throughout the ceremony

21 August: Elizabethbs sister, Princess Margaret Rose, is born

20 January: George V dies. Edward VIII becomes king

10 December: Edward VIII signs the Instrument of Abdication

11 December: Bertie, the Duke of York, is formally proclaimed King George VI. Princess Elizabeth is now heiress presumptive

12 May: Coronation of George VI at Westminster Abbey

21 April: Princess Elizabeth celebrates her thirteenth birthday, and soon begins a demanding course of study under the Vice-Provost of Eton College

22 July: Princes Elizabeth meets and falls in love with Cadet Captain Philip of Greece at the Royal Dartmouth Naval College

3 September: Britain declares war on Germany

4 March: Princess Elizabeth joins the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS)

8 May: VE Day

10 July: Buckingham Palace officially announces the engagement of Princess Elizabeth to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten

20 November: Elizabeth marries Philip (now known as the Duke of Edinburgh) at Westminster Abbey

14 November: Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, is born

15 August: Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, is born

31 January: Elizabeth and Philip leave for a tour of East Africa, Australia and New Zealand

6 February: George VI (pictured) dies and Elizabeth II succeeds to the throne

15 February: Funeral of George VI at St Georgebs Chapel, Westminster Abbey

7 April: Proclamation issued declaring that the familybs dynastic surname would remain bWindsorb

2 June: Coronation of Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey

24 November: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh embark on a tour of the Commonwealth

15 May: The royal couple return to England, after six months abroad

31 October: Princess Margaret releases a statement confirming that she will not marry Group Captain Peter Townsend

19 February: Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, is born

10 March: Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, is born

21 June: First broadcast of the Royal Family documentary

7 June: The queenbs Silver Jubilee celebrates her twenty-five years on the throne

27 August: Lord Louis Mountbatten is killed by an IRA bomb off the coast of Sligo in the west of Ireland

24 February: Elizabethbs eldest son, Prince Charles, announces his engagement to Lady Diana Spencer

29 July: Charles and Diana marry in St Paulbs Cathedral

21 June: Diana gives birth to Prince William

15 September: Diana gives birth to Prince Harry

7 June: The first instalment of the serialisation of Andrew Motionbs book, Diana: Her True Story, appears in the The Sunday Times

20 November: Windsor Castle is partly destroyed by fire

9 December: Prime Minister John Major announces in the House of Commons that Charles and Diana are to separate

28 August: Charles and Dianabs marriage is dissolved in the High Court

31 August: Diana dies in a car crash in Paris, France

9 Feb: Elizabethbs sister, Princess Margaret, dies

30 March: Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother dies

30 April: Elizabeth officially launches her Golden Jubilee celebrations with a speech to both houses of parliament

9 April: Elizabethbs eldest son, Prince Charles, marries his second wife, Camilla Parker Bowles in a civil ceremony at the
Guildhall in the town of Windsor. Despite initial opposition to the relationship, the Queen has since come to accept her new
daughter-in-law, and was in attendance at the service of blessing held for the couple at St Georgebs Chapel.

21 April: Elizabeth celebrates her eightieth birthday.

29 April: Prince William, Elizabethbs grandson and second in line to the throne, marries Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey.

6 Feb: The 60th anniversary of the death of George VI and of Elizabethbs ascension to the throne.

2 b 5 Jun: The Diamond Jubilee celebrations take place throughout the United Kingdom, to celebrate Elizabethbs 60 years on the throne.

bI cannot lead you into battle. I do not give you laws or administer justice but I can do something else – I can give my heart and my devotion to these old islands and to all the peoples of our brotherhood of nations.b b Queen Elizabeth II.

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