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Let’s face it… we all have our feelings about what is “Great” about Great Britain, and what is not so great!! So, here is the first in a series of blogs, looking at some of our countrys’ top assets.

During this landmark year for our country, let’s take a look at some of the culture and people that have made Great Britain truly great, and the everlasting music that our Artists have given the world.

Potted History of Great Britain

We have a long and varied history on these Islands. From the first inhabitants around 450,000 BC, when the climate was much warmer than today, and exotic beasts roamed the land, to modern times and the country’s proud position as a multi-race, multi-cultural domain where freedon of speach and human rights are paramount.

There was the Roman invasion in 43 AD under Emperor Claudius, where his armies attacked the incumbent Celts who could not match the discipline and training of the mighty Roman army. The Romans started to build towns and carriageways and gave us the beginnings of the infrastructure we enjoy today.

Then came the Saxons, and don’t forget the Angles, and this interesting mixture was soon to be joined by the Vikings and the Danes… phew! No wonder we are such a multi-cultural society today!

William 1 became the first true “King of England” after defeating Harold at the Battle of Hastings and after finally capturing London, he was crowned king of England on 25 December 1066. The Saxon era was over.

Then, through a long succession of Kings, Queens, battles, plagues and revolutions (political and industrial!), we gathered pace and built the rich society we know today.

Great Britain: Our Music

Britain has played it’s part in providing great musicians and composers to the world. We have created some of the best-loved, internationally revered acts which have influenced culture, politics, art, and fashion both at home and abroad.

Our wondferful composers make up a veritable who’s who of international of classical music, Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Britten, Halle, Holst, and more recently, Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Possibly the biggest influence we have given the world, musically, came in the early ’60’s when four scouse lads burst on to the scene and changed the face of popular music – The Beatles. Their legacy was immense and, to this day, much of what we listen to has been heavily influenced and derived from their sound and their songs.

Next time we take a look at Great Britains’ sporting history along with the English language and it’s impact on our world.

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