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So you’ve found a property that looks good on paper, the next step is to arrange a viewing. It’s an exciting time but try to remain level headed and take these top tips on board.

• On an initial inspection try not to treat the house as a home but simply as a building that needs inspecting.

• Make sure the property fits with your list of “must haves” and ticks as many of the “nice to haves” as possible.

• View the property two or three times, at different times of day, to find out what it’s really like.

• Look at the structure of the building. For example, if there are hairline cracks in the walls, investigate further.

• Be wary of damp, check as thoroughly as you can, and keep your nose open as damp can give off a musty smell even if you don’t see physical signs.

• If you do find faults, you shouldn’t necessarily be put off buying, but at least you should get a professional opinion and use this to renegotiate the price.

• Spend 15 to 30 minutes looking around the property, and then at least half an hour walking around the general area.

• Knock on the neighbour’s door to ask about the local area and get an insight into who you’ll be living next to.

• Find out what the area is like at rush hour, when the pubs close, at weekends and on a weekday. Try to drive from the property to work or school during rush hour to check your commute.

• The seller doesn’t have to tell you about problems, and they may try to hide them. Common cover-ups include painting over damp, putting furniture in front of cracks, or rugs over floor problems. People may also be vague about who owns gardens and parking spaces.

• Even in a fast-moving market or an auction environment, it’s a bad idea to buy unseen. The more often you view a house, the more likely you are to spot potential problems before you move in.

Once you’ve found your perfect house, things are likely to move pretty fast so make sure you’ve got your finances in place.

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